1961 Istanbul 1982 Yildiz Technical University Civil Engineering Faculty


2016 Martini Plaza Gallery Holland 2015 Artpoint Gallery Istanbul 2015 72.Cultural Ministry Painting and Sculpture Exhibition-Izmir Painting and Sculpture Museum 2015 Cer Modern Art Gallery, Ankara 2015 Sanliurfa Municipality Art Gallery, Sanliurfa 2015 Ataturk Cultural Center National Art Gallery, Samsun 2015 Adana Municipality Art Gallery, Adana 2015 Ahmet Adnan Soygun Culture Center,Izmir 2014 Atatürk Culture and Art Center,Eskisehir 2014 Into the Woods-Saatchiart – Painting and Photograhy Exhibition 2014 36.DYO Art Contest Istanbul Cemal Resit Rey Gallery 2014 Art Route Groningen Holland 2014 Galerie OOST 99 Holland Group Exhibition 2012 Makedonya Kriva Palanka Workshop 2012 UPSD Group Exhibition 2011 UPSD Group Exhibition 2010 Hillside Istanbul Art Gallery 2010 ArtHouse’The Sketchbook Project Volume 3,ABD 2009 Contemporary Art Fair Istanbul 2009 Kent Gallery Group Exhibition 2008 Contemporary Art Fair Istanbul 2008 Kent Galeri Group Exhibition 2006 Stara Zogara Balkan Quadrilin 2003 UPSD Paper Works Group Exhibition 2002 UPSD Watercolor Works Group Exhibition 2001 National Navy Group Exhibition 1999 Varna’Bulgaria workshop 1998 Esbank XIV. Yunus Emre Painting Competation Exhibition 1998 Ciragan Palace Art Gallery 1997 Yasarbank Art Gallery Istanbul 1996 Kas Gallery Group Exhibition Istanbul 1995 Kadıkoy Cultural Centre Group Exhibition Istanbul 1994 Vakifbank Taksim Art Gallery Group Exhibition Istanbul

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