ABSOLUT   Peinture Acrylique sur toile   100 X 80 cm

Human beings are members of a whole
In creation of one essence and soul
If one member is afflicted with pain
Other members uneasy will remain
If you have no sympathy for human pain
The name of human you cannot retain
It is a famous poem by the Iranian poet Saadi Shirazi,
I wrote it in my own way in Persian.
All of us are coming from same race, same origins and same planet.
We can consider that as our first reason to be in peace and love and accept each other.

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Azam Sadeghi is a self taught contemporary artist who has emerged from the challenging society where she was born, Gorgan, Iran (1988).

Currently Azam lives and works in Dubai, UAE, having the freedom to display her art, which reflects a range of emotions and imagination, allcombined to produce pieces of incredible talent. Her oeuvre takes shape across mediums, from painting and embroidery to fashion design. She has implemented her imaginative creations with a sense of longing for the liberty of thought and expression.

Azam started painting when she was three, and coming from a simple family she could not be provided with much to work from yet, she still had explored all a child could at that age, and received the encouragement needed from her parents to give a child that dream they grow aiming to make come true. A civil construction engineer with master studies of Architecture is how Azam approached her work, a blend of professionalism and creativity to materialise her minds image of volumes and proportion.

Azam has dedicated her life for art, where she centres her energy towards her creations , as a second level Reiki healer she has been learning how to channel all the positivity and sentiment towards her paintings, allowing her to add another dimension to her work. Azam was inspired by some of the greatest in her work, from Picasso’s “Girl before a mirror” to Vermeer’s “Girl with a pearl earing” where she was mesmerized, as well as “Red Street” Friedensreich Hunderwasser and “Adele Bolch-Baur” Gustav Klimt’s master piece. Azam have recently worked at the “Custot Gallery” as an assistant manager. (Alserkal Avenue - Al Quoz - Dubai).

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